Yoghurt Blueberry Pancakes

It is rare that I had an entire Saturday to myself. Mornings were usually spent sleeping in, in an attempt to mitigate the damages of the sleep debt incurred over the week. Afternoons were spent at ballet and evenings were spent catching up on school work or going on long runs. 

It was national day last Saturday so I set three things to do for myself (of which, I finished two) 

1) Bake another batch of brownies 

2) Do up a batch of pancakes from scratch 

3) Go for a long run 

Didn’t manage to finish the third one because the pancakes took longer than expected and it was way too dark to head out for a run after I was done. 

Pancakes and grilled chicken breasts are things I could eat all day any time. 

So yep (: I finally got to try out the buttermilk pancake recipe I came across online. Thing is, I don’t stock up on buttermilk so I had to use an alternative which was three parts of plain yoghurt to one part of water. 

I was quite excited to try the yoghurt alternative out actually, because (if you didn’t already know), I’m a huge fan of plain yoghurt. I love the creamy texture and the kick the sourness brings. 

The pancakes turned out great and mum loved them too. I couldn’t get it to cook well though – but I’m not sure if the texture was supposed to be a little more goo-ey since yoghurt was used. Didn’t manage to get pretty pancakes either – how do people get their pancakes to turn out so brown and pretty? 

But otherwise, it turned out pretty well (: The lingering taste of yoghurt and the splash of fresh blueberries (which tasted sweeter after being cooked) complimented each other really well. 

Was glad to find some honey left at home so I happily drizzled some onto the pancakes and like pancakes always do, it soaked up the honey and left me a very very satisfied mag (: 



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