One last bit of summer


Because cheese just makes everything that much better. Not sure when’s the next time I’ll get to cook my own lunch again. Was nom-ing on some snacks brought back from Penang and I thought to myself – Three countries and five cities, what a great asian summer it has been.

Travelling is a great privilege. From being able to work/save enough money to persuading mum to allow me to travel. And being safe, and soaking in all that the place has to offer. It really does change you, from the inside. 

The weekend that just passed was the last weekend of summer, and I was glad to have spent it with people who made the weekend a less depressing one. 

Saturday was spent at dance and at dinner later on with an old friend of mine. 

Sunday was kicked off with breakfast with a church friend that was flying overseas for an exchange till next year. You see, there aren’t many people that I’d wake up for breakfast with – I’m not a morning person and never will be. But there are certain friends who are worth it. 

Lunch and tea was spent with the girls from AC synchro. I never realized that I enjoyed their presence so much – even if it was senseless chatter at times. We could talk about everything under the sun, from serious school stuff, to friendship problems, BGRs, and indulge in a little gossip (a.k.a the senseless chatter). Meeting up with them made me realize how much I miss those two years in AC too. The days of doing nothing and just chilling in the pool after training (: 

The two years in AC wasn’t the best or easiest two years of my life, but I’m glad it has given me what it did. 



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