Starlight, Star Bright

IMAG0696_1I stayed in school on Friday night to help out with a camp. The past two weeks were stressful, from coping with (almost) brand new social dynamics to trying to digest some very dense readings again. It has been a while since I’ve skimmed through long cases and dissected tough journals/articles. It was painful at the very least, to have to be subjected to that process once again. 

But I’m still thankful, that I enjoy what I study, that I’m constantly challenged and I’ve learnt the discipline of sitting through my readings – regardless of how hard it is to digest them. Morning classes still are a chore, and I still immensely dislike having to class participate. I’d be more than happy to quietly stay at my seat and hear all my wiser friends speak. But then again, it is only through being forced to continually step out of our comfort zone do we grow. 

A friend of mine came down from Penang this weekend, and I accompanied her as we gallivanted the streets to soak in the atmosphere of the night festival. I loved the exhibitions at SOTA, and the band playing at timbre was pretty awesome too. We stopped there for pizza and drinks before heading home. I’m glad she came down actually. I was constantly worried about being unable to finish my readings if I were to bring her around, but I’m glad her visit to Singapore actually forced me to leave the library and embraced things I hadn’t had the chance (or will) to for the longest time. We had a nice chat over pizza too, and it made me appreciate how my education system challenges me everyday, despite the crushing stress that comes along with it at times. 

So that was how I spent my Saturday night. See that picture on the top of this post? That’s the city landscape if you do a run around town. I did a long run on Friday night to release all the pent up stress over the two weeks. It was so good. I ran past the same area almost every week during the last academic year, yet I realize it’s something I’ll never grow bored of. 

The city lights never fail to amaze me. The vibrancy fills my heart with a warm flush of joy. There is something magical about observing the city from a distance. 

It was drizzling while I ran, and I desperately prayed that he’d hold up the rain till I was done. It was less than half an hour into my run, so I didn’t dare keep my hopes up since I had another half an hour to go before reaching back at school. What were the odds of a drizzle lasting for another half an hour instead of breaking into a downpour? But still I prayed, because I really needed that run. 

And guess what, he did. The clouds broke into a heavy downpour the minute (literally) I reached back at school. It was so heavy I think it’d physically hurt to be under that kind of rain. 

So yes, my heart was smiling; I don’t believe in coincidences. 

Teach me to see your goodness in all things Lord. 



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