Of Chasing Turtles and Catching Waves

BTS dive 2

I admit, I’m an escapist. Every now and then I’d be dreaming of taking a flight out to a foreign place. I’m an escapist, I’m a dreamer, and that’s why I’m pretty glad I wasn’t born into a rich family. I wouldn’t be forced to accept reality if that were the case. hahaha. The reality is, not everyone can afford to be an escapist, and very few can afford to be a dreamer.

But every now and then, life does slip you a chance to do so. The back to school dive by SMUX was such a chance. I deliberated quite a bit. I had a little spare cash but spending it on the trip still did come with an opportunity cost. School work was never ending and I didn’t quite know how I’d handle the school work without working the weekend off trying to clear my readings (Actually, I still don’t. I’ll just take one day a time for this week)

However, I hadn’t dived tioman before, I terribly missed the oceans, and (perhaps the most important factor) I was going this trip with Sound Foundry, which meant that it was discounted for us. Furthermore, I didn’t have class on mondays and I was already certified, which meant that I didn’t have to sacrifice any additional days unlike the others who had to sit for theory classes and pool sessions.

So I grabbed the opportunity and I soon found myself on a long coach + boat ride off to tioman.

We swam against the currents, tried chasing turtles, and saw hugeass lobsters. The blue spotted rays were beautiful too.

It definitely wasn’t the best dive spot I’ve been to – and neither did I expect it to be.

But there always is something magical about the oceans that you can never let go off. And the presence of it is enough. Not to mention the great company I had on the trip (:

Readings are long but life is short; spend your days in ways that you’ll always remember in the time to come. Weigh the costs and sometimes, just let yourself go a little.

We released kong ming lanterns at night too; it was a rather wonderful sight.

It’s back to reality in about five hours. One that isn’t easy to accept but one that reminds me of how privileged I am to be able to enjoy what I study, and be enrolled in a course that constantly challenges me.

IMG-20140914-WA0010 IMG-20140914-WA0016

(apologies for the hair. It was a rather bad hair day after three hours on the boat heh)


(As usual, photos not mine; gotten off various facebook tags and whatsapp chats)


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