Home Run

It has been eight years since I’ve picked up a bat on the pitch, and although Saturday started off on a very terrible note because I was late and had to miss my first game, it was wonderful being able to play softball once again for IFG this semester.

Definitely am out of touch though. Back and arms are aching too.

But that feeling of batting and sprinting from one base to another, really did bring back some fond memories.

I’ve no idea why but I’ve been feeling perpetually tired these few days. Friday ended off with a softball clinic/training when I was barely surviving on four hours of sleep ( On a side note, nam nam has pretty awesome coffee). Saturday started off bright and early, and Sunday was spent rushing out whatever I could, for prop law presentation on Wednesday.

Three research papers this sem just seems crazy heavy too. One’s due on the 20th next month, the second on the 24th and the last on the 25th.

Oh yes, FA quiz next week too.

Missing the good old fun times but I’m reminded of what a privilege it is to be in a situation whereby I’m constantly challenged and constantly growing.

There’s a time and season for everything (: That’s one of the best advice a church staff gave to me.

So yes, I’m missing the sand, the sea and the fun, but I know there’s much more to come(:


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