Mid Week Soothe

This week has somehow been incredibly tiring. Really glad that our Property Law presentation is over. It wasn’t a difficult one, but somehow, there’s always that inherent fear of not having done enough.

Headed out for a really good lunch before visiting Cuddles Cat Cafe (: If you don’t already know, there’s a new cat cafe which opened last week, and it’s located at SCAPE! Figured it’d be a great way to distress so I bugged my presentation buddy to head over with me. He brought his friends along as well!

There weren’t many cats around, but they were all really beautiful and tame. It was rather obvious that they must have been meticulously taken care of. You can also order kitty food which they’ll heat up before passing to you. The little furry buggers will then swamp over hahaha. Not that they show any appreciation whatsoever for the food, but they’re cats after all!

The place is scattered with plenty of couches and bean bags. It was definitely a good time of chilling before I headed back to school to start on FA.

So glad that the presentation is over, yet so worried for the accounting quiz tomorrow. Somehow my mind doesn’t work well with situations where words and numbers are jumbled up together.

No idea how I’m going to survive Friday as well; haven’t had the time to start on the readings and I’ve three classes on the same day. Thinking about the three research papers due on the same week just gets me even more stressed up too.


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