It’s strangely therapeutic, cruising along the expressway at night. Cars are few, roads are smooth, and your mind isn’t running in circles for once.

Week 6 has been crazily tiring. Week 4 ended off with a dive trip – which meant a certain amount of back log for week 5. That was fine, because we’re used to sacrificing sleep. So week 5 came, and it was a week with very little sleep and tons of stress arising from the need to catch up with my readings. Week 5 ended off with IFG softball, which just made it impossible to get anything done on Friday and Saturday.

So Week 6 came knocking on the door, with a presentation and an accounting quiz on the menu. It was one crazy week with barely enough sleep. It felt terrible being unable to do any decent class participation too. I honestly really hate the class participation system but it is one I’ve learn to accept. Friday was crazy too, with 7.5 hours of lessons on the same day when my brain just refused to function a second longer.

But every cloud has a silver lining, and week 6 did end off well. I had the car on both Saturday and Sunday, which meant that I could easily head to school to study, and I’m a lot more productive in school than at home.

Saturday afternoon was spent at the ballet studio, coming home to a home cooked lunch and then heading for an evening church service – a much required refresher. Headed down to lagoon for dinner as well – and chicken wings that I love.

Sunday was spent helping a tuition kid out with her PSLE preparations, before heading down to school and finding a congregation of law school mates at the law building after the library closed. A kind friend brought us some much needed sugar (in the form of chewy juniors) that made a dull sunday night a lot sweeter too. And yes, I had the car, so I didn’t have to face the stresses of our transport system as I made my way home that night.

Grateful, Thankful, and ready to take on the next week.

All the best for the folks having their mid terms too! (:


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