Mid Week, Recess Week

Yes, recess week finally is here (: And as much as having deadlines for three research papers looming over you like dark clouds really is a dampener, I did have a great weekend. Actually, I had a pretty good (albeit painfully hectic) week 7.

I’ve always been bad with putting things in chronological order, so this post shall be done with Sunday first, before back tracking to Wednesday and Friday of Week 7.

Decided to try out Real Food with a girlfriend of mine this afternoon. She’s one of my first friends in SMU, someone I definitely am very grateful for, someone who’s beautiful inside out.

So yes, I stumbled upon this list of places to eat clean at, and I decided to try them out during recess week!


Real Food is a vegan restaurant and I’d think their shop name is pretty much self explanatory with regards to the food they serve. It actually was my first time trying vegan dishes and I must say it was a pretty good experience. I had a Pesto Pasta which was pretty good (if you’re into herbs and such!) while my friend ordered a salad. Her salad was impressive at the very least, with a decent variety of fresh greens as opposed to the common greens you’d find in a typical salad shop.

It was my first time trying coffee with soy milk too! They only served one kind of milk, since they were a vegan restaurant. My friend ordered a fruit tea which tasted perfectly balanced – it wasn’t too sweet or sour.

I almost forgot to mention, the pasta and salad came with a generous serving of feta cheese. yes. CHEESE. you know it, cheese makes my world go round ((: It went really really well with the pesto dressing too!

To back track a little, Wednesday last week was pretty hectic. I had a morning class, rushed off for pro bono work at the state courts, rushed home to get changed for a friend’s birthday party, headed out for the party and then to unplugged – SMU’s acoustic music concert sort-of, which was held at timbre this year.

Photo Credits: XunLiang

It was a friend’s 24th birthday party and it was a pretty good chilling session before facing the realities of school again.

Really love the colours in this picture (: Not sure who it was taken by but it was by an official photographer from school who was covering the event.

Wednesday was crazy hectic, but I was so glad I didn’t have a morning class on thursday.

So Friday came, and it was welfare day ❤

I’ve always loved welfare days. Free food’s always good, free quality food is even better, and good food with good friends is just something you should never take for granted. Okay, I’d admit that the milk tea got me on a bit of a sugar high, so I was pretty much a happy bunny for the rest of the day.

We had this really amazing pastry from tiong bahru bakery (can’t remember the name of it though; but it’s the layered pastry made with 50% butter and caramalized sugar HAHAHA), pop corn chicken and gongcha :3

After which, we attempted to head to the library to do some work but we gave up after not being able to find seats. So we called ourselves to the bench and lepak-ed for nearly a good whole hour.

(oh, but guy in green wasn’t really one of us lepak-ers)

Happy Recess Week folks! (: Do remember to catch a breather despite the never ending buzz!


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