Re-Visiting: Jazz & Cafes

Commune cafe has always been one of my favourite places. It’s peaceful; a place I can (and have spent) spend a good three hours simply journaling and letting the world go by. Still feeling very very stressed out by the three research papers due on week 10 but these treats made things a lot better.

Went for a lyrical jazz class in the afternoon. I’ve been doing ballet for a couple of years after making the switch from contemp; re-visiting a genre I used to do was nothing short of refreshing.

Side note: I saw a dance senior I used to have a crush on, during the jazz class ^^ we were in the same dance club and I was a really young secondary school girl. He was tall, well built, taught me lots of stunts, and was incredibly graceful in spite of the strength he possessed while dancing. Yes, I’d admit, I find male dancers mesmerizing, especially those who excel in ballet or modern dance.

For those who have even the slightest inkling as to who it is, sssshhhhhhhhh (;

Headed for tea with a girlfriend after that. I prefer the previous version of commune cafe’s chocolate tart – it was slightly more bitter. But this was pretty good as well! It wasn’t overly sweet, it wasn’t too goo-ey, and it wasn’t too solid. The chocolate was of just the right texture, and while the crust could have been baked a little longer, it was crumbly and good.

I never knew they served waffles. While the ice cream could have been better and they could have definitely used better chocolate sauce, the waffles were great (:

Slightly crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and it tasted as though it was slightly soaked in honey.

Was cutting down on the caffeine so I didn’t grab a cup of coffee; but the coffee here is rather decent too (: I personally prefer Australian coffee though, which means that my first pick would definitely be dimbulah (was introduced to this place by a friend) and one man coffee.

Alright, back to my research papers! It’s wednesday of recess week already ):


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