Sanity Necessitated Sweets

Visited The Klatch on thursday with a friend to catch up and de-stress from all the slogging done in order to meet our deadlines.

It was a pretty cozy cafe along Prinsep Street in the same building as Strictly Pancakes. We had a marshmellow chocolate mousse cake and waffles. The mousse cake was pretty good; wasn’t too sweet and the texture was pretty nice too. I personally didn’t find it chocolate-y enough though, but then again, my definition of chocolate-y will not sit well with many others hahaha.

I loved the waffles though. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, with a refreshing citrus zest. Had it drizzled in maple syrup but I think the chocolate sauce would complement the citrus zest a lot better.

Really love such pockets of time when I can catch up with people I hold dear and care about. I guess as we grow older, we realize that friendships do require active steps in order to be sustained. I’ve been trying to meet up with people I care about, and while it hasn’t been the easiest thing to do, it really is something worthwhile. Something, I’ve been trying hard to remember to do amidst the crazy school schedule.

So yes, all was good and after two days of research, I finished off the last case on the list which was 70 odd pages long only to realize that I’d been reading the wrong cases for the past two days. Research went down the drain and it was an incredibly stressful night as we’ve three research papers to clear and having two days go down the drain just like that was rather painful.

The plan was to sleepover at a good friend’s hall that night, watch a movie and catch up, but we ended up doing work together. But yes, we did have a great time catching up, staying up, and walking all the way out to the main roads get coffee.

Pardon the really tired looking faces HAHA (:  We didn’t manage to meet up over the whole of summer and we decided that the best way to catch up was just to have a sleep over and chill out. It wasn’t that much of a chill session in the end as it was the third night in a row I’d stayed up past 3 to work on my research papers (I ended up sleeping at 5am that morning).

Then again, I’m grateful, for these pockets of time to catch up with people I care, despite the craziness going on in school.


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