Week 10

It’s 11.40pm on a Sunday, I’m on a train on my way home from school.  What’s new.

It has been almost a week since I’ve turned 20, and it has been a hell load of craziness this week with three research papers due. I didn’t know how it was going to be possible – to hand up three papers within the same week. One of the deadlines got extended, the last one. So yes, the third and final one is due Tuesday instead of 6pm today.  A much welcomed breather, but no less stressful given the accounting quiz next week and the two presentations the week after.

I’ve never liked how things just went on and on at a pace way too fast for my emotional capacity to handle. But such is life. For better or worse, I’ve come to accept it, because I’ve learnt to appreciate the goodness in all of these, the goodness which has made me a stronger person, which has made me realise I am capable of so much more.

You are made for so much more.

Studies aside, I had a wonderful birthday (: And thank you for making it so. The numerous cakes that were all of my favourites (read: cheese cake, as well as a slice of my favourite from Cedele), these slices of happiness that made me feel extremely guilty yet incredibly blessed. I’m loved more than I ever deserve. Those little notes, that beautiful bouquet of flowers at the door – that was really very very sweet of you (: The birthday beer, the lunches and dinners you guys bought me (I had one of the best Jap food I’ve ever tasted, with a sashimi to rice ratio of at least 1:1 in that rice bowl), the cake and moscato, what generosity I do not deserve. The thoughtful gifts, little or big; I really appreciate the thought that went into them. Thank you (:

I’ve left my teenage years but there’s so much more to look ahead to, that I do not have time to grieve over the diminished essence of youth. There’s so much more to see, so much more to learn, so much more to live.

To those who’ve been on the journey with me, thank you (:

Decided against a photo spam, so I’ll post just two pictures up here (:

Jar of nuts that has been fueling me on for my RP (‘:


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