The Lawn

A couple of weeks back (yes, this is severely overdue), I visited The Lawn with an old friend.

It was my recess week, and I slept over at a friend’s hall the night before. I remember that crazy night, where I found out I’d been reading all the wrong cases (researched civil instead of criminal cases) for 2 whole days (which is a rather huge portion of recess week given we’ve three research papers to finish). Essentially, I was almost back to square one for my research and I was feeling thoroughly lost. It was a rather terrible day.

But the sleepover was planned a while back since we couldn’t find time to catch up with each other over summer, so I decided to go ahead with it. We were supposed to watch a movie, but we settled for walking out to the prata stall, getting a cup of coffee and heading back to do work. I stayed up till 5am that night to come up with a new outline because I couldn’t afford to spend the next day on that paper anymore; I had to move on to the others.

I was staying over at KR, so I decided to meet up with a friend studying at NUS, for lunch the next day.

The Lawn is a salad shop with outlets at both Biopolis and Shenton. Perks: if you get there before 11.45, you get free soup, which is really really awesome. The soup we had that day was probably the cream of pumpkin, though I think something else must have had been added into it because it was really really tasty.

Bowl of salad + one choice of meat was under 10 bucks, and the choice of salad greens was pretty great. Yes, I feel a little depressed when my salad bowl only consists of lettuce or just one variety of greens. This one had a good mix, and a good range of house dressings. Serving was huge as well; enough to fill you up.

Cajun chicken wasn’t very impressive, but I heard the seafood selections are pretty good. Serving of cheese was generous and great. Baby potatoes weren’t as tasty as I expected, but having the choice of nuts in your salad was awesome.

Salads aren’t cheap, but I’d say this one is pretty worth it given that its under 10 bucks, with a good variety of greens, and has a selection of grilled meat to go with it. Yes, free soup is a plus point. Who doesn’t like free food :3


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