#Snippet 3

#3 I was having lunch at home

Me: how come the sotong and the prawns taste the same?

Mum: Yah, they were from the same stall.


Haha alright context, context.

I went to bed on friday night looking forward to saturday’s lunch. School’s been incredibly busy so I haven’t had time to be home much. And mum was cooking exactly what I wanted for saturday – E noodles, with sotong.

You know that feeling of waking up to a home cooked meal you’ve been looking forward to? Yes. It was a simple plate of seafood e-fu noodles, but nevertheless one filled with love and I was extremely contented just with my humble plate of lunch. Here’s why.

1) Mum was never someone in favour of E-noodles (Some called it e-min, or e-fu noodles). It was deep fried and stored away for a long long time. It was plain unhealthy

2) Mum hardly had sotong on her cooking list. I loved it, but she almost never cooks it because of the cholesterol content.

So yes, mum made the exceptions because I rarely tell her what I’m craving for, but I was really craving for e-noodles this week, and I’d been bugging her to cook sotong for a long long time.

If I had to sum up the past two weeks, it’d be these:

1) Hitting the big two

2) Three research paper submissions (I think I aged a couple of years over these)

3) Being off probation period for driving (wow, yes, it’s been a year!)

Went to school for a project meeting today, headed out for a run (I absolutely love city runs), did a bit of readings, and headed home after.

I used to think driving was a really cool thing. After getting my license, I realized I was one who preferred being driven than having to drive myself. But driving is still awesome. You never have to worry about missing the last train or rush down to catch it. (it really sucks, having to do that, when you’re trying to rush your work). Taking a late night drive home is pretty therapeutic too. I’d say it does help me to de-stress a little.

Taking a driving test was way more nerve wrecking than my ballet exams. But I’d say the freedom and sense of empowerment that came with having a driving license is pretty worth it (:

On a side note, I came home to this cutie who dragged his sleepy self out to say hi. This darling has my heart, every single bit of it. I get a little sad when I see how the strength in his legs are no longer there; he can’t really jump now. It’s been 8 years of joy that this darling has brought, and thankful I am, for him.


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