Salad Alert!

Once in a while (it has been getting rather frequent for me though), your body craves a nice bowl of clean, good salad. Preferably with meat (if you’re like me), and with healthier choices for the dressing. Maybe… maybe with a decent kind of meat.

But salads are always so expensive. Yes, I wonder why too. Especially if they’re only using lettuce as the base for greens.

Yes, Cedele, my all time favourite place. I wish I’d tried their salads earlier! So here’s another under-$10 salad to place on your list!

IMAG0769_BURST002_1Here’s the humble bowl of greens I had for dinner last Sunday. Here’s why I love it.

1) For 8.80, you get two choices of proteins. Nope, eggs aren’t even in the “proteins” list – they were chucked under the same list as the tomatoes. Beef pastrami and smoked salmon were within the “proteins” list.

2) They had seeds. You have absolutely no idea how much I adore seed and nuts in my salads. You get a choice of 2 proteins and 4 sides. The sides includes boiled eggs and various veggies. I had cherry tomatoes, two servings of seeds (because I love them that much), and sunflower sprouts.

3) Sauces. I had the plum sesame sauce and I love it. They had the typical honey mustard, thousand island and caesar dressings, but I love sesame and hence the choice was obvious.

So yes, new favourite and convenient salad spot. The outlet at Raffles City is just a short walk from school! (: Makisan‘s  another great choice if you’re in the vicinity. Theirs goes for about $8 and I love the taste of their baby potatoes. But the drawback is that theirs doesn’t come with meat; you’ve gotta top up for it. Another option would be The Lawn, which I covered in a previous post as well.

The only draw back about cedele’s salad is that they only serve one type of greens – romanian lettuce. you could top up a little to get them to mix some spinach in, but that’s about it.

So yes, here you go, three places to get salads for under $10. Here’s to a healthier living (:

P.S I think I could just live in a cedele shop now. They’ve my favourite cake (I could eat that berry chocolate all day any day), my favourite breads (Try their orange cranberry, fruit rolls, linden seed, and wholemeal walnut), decent all day breakfasts, and now this: Salads. I’m completely won over. And need I mention all the goodness in their food products? Grape seed oil and unrefined brown sugar’s just to name a few.


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