Glistening Days

Your eyes may glisten in the sun because of the joy in you, and they may also glisten because of the tears in them. I’d choose the first.

The first semester of our sophomore year ended a week back, and time really does fly. Reading week is coming to an end too, and I still can’t grasp the theories behind accounting. FA is a compulsory module for law students in SMU; we’ve to do finance for law next semester and FA is a pre-requisite for FFL. FA’s sheer agony. I’ve never had an affinity with numbers and I’ve never had to try this hard to like something before. But, it isn’t working out and I’m stressed out by how I’m unable to start revision proper for my law mods because FA’s a huge impediment. FA’s the first paper and I can’t get on with the rest before getting accounting out of the way.

That aside, here’s how I kicked off reading week (:

1. Starry Nite

Starry Nite occurs on the last day of each semester, and is organized by Sound Foundry. I was helping out this year and I must say our producer(s) did a really good job. The amount of logistics involved was pretty crazy too. We stayed back till past 2am to dismantle the stage, pack up and conclude with an AAR. This year’s was slightly different. As opposed to having just a performance by SMU bands, they did it in a form of a competition.

2. I learnt how to pour beer

Don’t worry, I’m not quitting school to sell beer just yet. Starry Nite is a university event, and such events aren’t complete with some pizzas and beer. I was helping out with the F&B stations so the kind folks from ICB taught me how to pour beer! (: Stella > Hoe garden any time haha. Never knew that getting the foam right depended on which beer you’re pouring, and that different beers foam in different ways. Also realized a couple of things helping out with the drinks station for the night

  • Don’t wear nice shoes.
    • I was wearing my Sperry’s that night because I thought it wouldn’t be nice to walk around in slippers. But beer spills and iced water gets splashed around in the rush to grab the right bottles and serve the never ending queue.
  • Don’t wear a dress watch
    • I wore the usual watch I wear to school. But bottled beer fizzes when you open them. It’s usually controllable, but when you’re in a rush and the queue’s never ending, the last thing you’d want to have to care about would be getting fizz on your watch.
  • Don’t bother with the manicure
    • Yep. I happily painted my nails in my favourite shade of red a week prior to this. [Hey! it is the last week of school after all!] I was happy that it lasted till Starry Nite (uh huh, no chips at all!) but all the grabbing of beer and uncapping of bottles ruined it completely.

It was a really fun experience though (: and I realize it is pretty stressful working behind the counters especially when there’s a huge crowd. Plus, I get super stressed when I can’t get the foam levels right and the [I’d assume, alcoholic] ang mohs are just waiting for their beer.

3. Grabbed my favourite ice cream

Had this at 2am on the last day of school. Stout & Choc from salted caramel.

Nuff Said (:

4. Tu Tu Kueh!

This is pretty much an aside.

Was studying at the regional library with a friend and it was freezing. There was a pasar malam nearby so we headed there after dinner.

I pretty much grew up with tutukueh. It still is one of my favourites (:

Steaming hot tutukuehs on a cold rainy day and a heavy head from accounting.

That’s when you go “yum yum in my tum tum”


All the best for Finals (: Can’t wait for Christmas already!


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