[November] All that glittered, was not gold

Attended the birthday party of a very good friend of mine last week. I was so stressed out over the accounting concepts, and I was just so stressed out over finals which loomed over my head. But I was so glad I went.

For starters, this lady who turned 21 earlier this month is a very very good friend of mine. We’re incredibly different and we’ve encountered a fair bit of friction in our relationship. But I wouldn’t ask for anything to be changed and she’s someone who made my JC days a lot more tolerable than it originally would have been.

I met a couple of old friends too. We chatted about our silly secondary school days, days of rushing silly Chinese compos and having to put up class skits for assembly. And I realize something, that all those typical teenage identity crisis and trying to find a “cool clique” in my secondary school and JC days were but silly episodes.

I’d admit, I was trying so hard in the past to belong so some “cool clique” out there. I nearly lapsed into that mode when I first entered uni. But when I experienced the hurt that came with trying to maintain friendships with a group of people who just couldn’t seem to care less about my feelings, I decided to walk away.

I don’t detest them, but when I’m done with people, I’m done.

I figured I wasn’t made for that kind of dynamics. Huge groups that people perceived as “cool”. I could fit in and belong, but I wouldn’t be happy. Along the way I figured that I preferred smaller groups and personal friendships a lot more. I learnt to be more independent and less emotionally dependent on my friends.

I learnt to enjoy being alone, to enjoy that peace and (emotional) independence.

But most importantly, I learnt to appreciate the various friends I had around me even more, people whom I may not meet on a regular basis, but are those who I know I can definitely count on.

So yes, pictures! (:

This one’s my favorite! (: Polariods never fail to give you flawless skin huh? 

l’m now done with half of my final examinations. My sleep cycle has been jumbled up such that I sleep from 6am to 12pm. Trying to fix it back as my last two papers are morning papers.

The accounting paper was a blood bath, and I took an entire day to recover from it. Land law wasn’t too bad, but I knew that my answers weren’t good enough. [Then again, the best is never enough]

I figured I’d die cramming for the last two papers, so I decided that I’d just die another day (get the Bond hint ????)

My locker was stocked with everything I needed for a run and I missed the city lights so badly. Headed out for a run, even though I knew I should have spent the time studying.

Maybe I’ll regret it when I open my question paper, but as of now, I’m glad I went for a run (:



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