A whiff of liberty

So yes! Finals are finally over which means

  1. I can stop abusing my key board. I realize I’ve been typing really, really hard on it for the past month or so. Thanks for staying alive, keyboard.
  2. I can finally catch up on my sleep. I barely slept the night before the last paper. Was in bed till 5.30 in the evening and it felt so good. But whoops, it is high time I start tuning my body clock back!
  3. Tidying up my life. Room, Table, Laundry, Organizers, and getting fit again.

There’s just so much to look forward to in December I’m lamenting at how short it is. Seriously, just one month isn’t enough to recover from a semester of school!

That aside, I’m so excited for YM camp, aquathlon camp, catching up with (old and new) friends, doing some leisure reading, exploring new places and getting back to my regular runs.

This semester has been far from smooth but I’m just so glad its over.

Headed out with a couple of friends for lunch after the paper and caught interstellar after that.

Interstellar was a great show but I felt that it was a little too draggy. There wasn’t quite enough action and the supporting characters lacked depth. Definitely paled in comparison to the Dark Knight too.

Headed for dance rehearsals thereafter and I’m just so excited for the One Christmas service. It’s the first time (that I know of) that my church’s having a christmas service for all the church services together. That would mean that the children’s ministry, the youth ministry, the mandarin/filipino services, and all the services at different timings on Sunday will be housed together for ONE service on Christmas morning!

It is very much a normal service, together with dance items, vocalists/operatic singers and a cast acting out the traditional story of Jesus’s birth.

10am at Suntec City on the 25th of December! All are welcomed! Do let me know if you’ll be able to make it (: admission is free; its just like a church service except that it has the various elements of the festive day.

Was so tired after a full day out I crashed till 5.30pm the next day.

Kicked off winter break with attending a friend’s birthday party!


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