Hello, December

December’s been rather delightful. Except that I’ve been so busy buzzing around or catching up on my sleep that I’ve hardly had the time to clear my room. Soon, soon!

Delightful december is delightful because it’s been one filled with dance(:

To be able to use every muscle in your body, right till the tips of your toes and fingers, to express what you feel, is just about the greatest joy anyone could ask for.

This, is why I dance.

Kristos’ retreat had a fair bit of dance in it. We manage to choreograph half of the dance for the 4th Jan service too(: pretty excited about it. It’s one of the first times we’ve let the younger youths take the opportunity to shine and choreograph what’s truly theirs so I’m really excited at how it’ll turn out. The 3-4 of us played with a little formations and tried to make it a little less “typical” too.

Oh yes, thought this photo was pretty funny cause we looked like monkeys trying to reach for each other’s backs while doing warm ups. [Photo’s Jotham’s]

Was really happy because of this too!

Wait for it… wait for it

Yes, nuts! and Seeds! and dried berries! My order from the whole sale centre arrived and that means I’ve gotten my noms (:

On a more serious note, I’ve had plenty of time to write, read and think these past few days. I re-visited a cafe that served one of my favourite coffees (Tasted almost exactly like the ones in melbourne!!). It was introduced to me by a friend whom I wish was as dear as he was to me, when he introduced me to this cafe. Yes, I need to understand that people come and go and it is completely alright – but this is something I’m still trying to grapple with.

But, having to grapple with that is fine; it is a process after all.

I had a couple of hours to burn, so I decided to pick up my reading from where I last left off during summer. [The Prodigal God’s a great read by the way. Simple, easy to digest, and offers a very refreshing perspective]

Coffee’s still as great.

As I sipped on my coffee and settled down to begin reading, I realized I still like constants through the changes. Perhaps, I was never as independent or adventurous as I thought of myself to be.

But, that’s fine too (:


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