Therapy for the Soul

Therapy for the soul can only fall within three categories – Dancing, Running, and Eating.

I’ve had a fair bit of all three.

This December has been filled with plenty of dance. There has been rehearsals for One Christmas, and practices for the 4th Jan welcome-back-service in YM. One Christmas was a rather challenging one I’d say. I’m no stranger to choreographing dance items (though I sigh all the time at how mundane and restricted my dance vocabulary is), but we had to choreograph our own dance solos. It just seems so hard to perfect them too.

The 4th Jan dance item for a YM service is the first dance of the year that Kristos will be doing, so it is pretty hard to keep our focus on God without falling prey to the performance mindset.

But dance and running aside, I’ve been having plenty of food too!(:

1. I visited Buyan

It is a russian bistro/bar concept place. The plate of grilled meats (Shashlyk) was wonderfully done (except the beef hahaha), and it being a russian bistro, it’d be a pity to miss out on the liquors imported from russia. My friend ordered a couple while I had a taste of chocolate infused vodka. It was lovely (: I love liquor chocolates and that shot tasted like a whole load of liquor chocolates after having been lovingly given a water bath.

We had a napolean cake for dessert and it was amazing(: It tasted somewhat like a vanilla crepe but much denser and much more satisfying. It was perfectly balanced with just enough substance and just enough cream.

We ordered a mimosa salad as well – which was good enough to be a main course on its own. I can’t remember the exact ingredients (the russian server very patiently and kindly explained it to us) but it included sour cream, canned salmon and cheese. I love how they use sour cream so extensively in their dishes; we even stirred it into our soups!

Again, this dish was perfectly balanced.

We had quite a couple more dishes but I didn’t quite take pictures of them hahaha.

2. Finally tried out Baker and Cook!

Caught up with an old friend of mine. She shifted to the west now so it’s great that we’re able to try out new places in the west.

Everyone knows I’m a bread person, and I love artisan bakeries which by extension, includes good cakes too!

Ordered a salmon quiche which came with a side salad. The quiche was really really good. The crust was just right – not too flakey yet solid enough. The eggs were done just right – soft but not runny, and in just the right amount so as not to overpower the salmon. The salmon was of just the right portion. Generous enough for you to have a bit of salmon in every bite, yet not too much such that you can’t taste the rest of the quiche.

3. Getting back into my own kitchen.

You see, results were pretty depressing. It doesn’t help that others did badly too. I’ve honestly never done this badly before, and I certainly hope that the other modules will help to pull up my overall GPA/ minimize the drop in my cumulative GPA :/

Was rather upset so I had this urge to get back to baking again – to bake some comfort food that would make me feel better as well.

So when depressed,

(1) Bake brownies

(2) Eat Brownies

Dug up my old recipe for cocoa brownies and baked them with the last bit of cocoa powder I had.

Well, good brownies never fail to make you feel better (:

Definitely not as upset now. I’ll just work harder next sem (:

This sem has surely been a very very rough one. I’ve studied harder than I ever did since coming into uni, I’ve put in more hours than I’ve ever did too. But the hard work didn’t pay off and the grades didn’t show.

However, I’m still really thankful that I’m able to give praise. For God is good, all the time(:


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