Dusting Off

Happy New Year!(: From a mag with 4 inches less of her locks. That’s a pretty substantial snip for most girls. I’ve never believed in making new year resolutions because I’ve come to realize that the best time is always now and that it never will be the best time if you decide to wait for the “best time” to come. But yes, one year has passed, I’ve been knocked by the game of life for yet another year, have felt the loved of others for yet another year, and have wrestled with things that made me stronger.

2014 started off with the second sem of my freshmen year at SMU. For once, everything went smoothly. But the event that had the biggest impact on me was having to turn away from people I was so appreciative of. It just wasn’t healthy hanging out with them anymore because I was just constantly doubting myself, my importance to them, and the significance of our friendship. There was just so much negativity that these friendships were bringing and it came to a point where I decided it was enough. They’re really nice people – they still are, but I guess, we’re just not each other’s “type of friends”. I’d risk being hurt constantly if they were to be themselves, and pride made it such that I just didn’t want to make it seem as though I needed them.

That was probably the toughest incident in 2014 that I had to get over. But I experienced and learnt so much of independence.

Summer was amazing. I packed my bags for thailand where I got my advance diving certification, basked in the glorious sunshine, and dived the oceans.  Bkk was a crazy time of shopping. I headed for a short stay in Batam with a girlfriend and the both of us had a ball of time learning how to cable ski. I managed to visit both my maternal and paternal relatives in malaysia as well. YMLC was a great time of rest too.

2014 ended off with the first sem of my sophomore year and everything went downhill. I studied harder than I ever did and yet the grades fell lower than I’ve ever seen.

And then came December, of which I wasn’t around for three out of four of the weekends. Retreats, Church Camp, dancing for One Christmas, Aquathlon training camp, and a trip back to KL. I just got home from KL a couple of hours ago, and it really is amazing how home… feels so much like home. The water pressure from the shower is just right, and so is the temperature. My messy little desk seems to have everything I needed at exactly where they should be, and my bed seems just right.

It’d be pretty impossible to squeeze the whole of December into one post so I’ll keep it short and compact. It won’t be in a chronological order as well!

I had to find my way from Port Dickson to KL after aquathlon camp, and truth to be told, I was really scared (although I acted as though it was no biggie and I could definitely handle it on my own). It really is strange how finding my way to/around malaysia freaks me out so much more than flying on my own to/from Australia or spending an afternoon by myself in Thailand. Ironically, both my parents were malaysians and I pretty much spent all my holidays there. But the picture that has been painted has always been one of a dangerous, scary malaysia where kids get kidnapped and sold away, where girls get robbed/raped and valuables get snatched/stolen all the time.

Thing is, every bit of travelling reminds me of the inherent goodness in mankind. And yes, I’d rather believe in that than the theory of sheer coincidence.

Cab uncle explained very patiently to me multiple times what the best way to get to KL was, and why I should take a train instead. It did feel a lot safer than scrambling for a bus at the seremban interchange. [I had to cab to seremban before taking a bus/train up to KL].
Nice malay auntie helped me find my way across to the right platform cause the trains were pretty old school and silly me couldn’t quite figure out where the correct platform was.

Ofcourse, having to travel on my own within malaysia made me appreciate even more, whatever grasp I had of the malay language.

YM Camp 2014. I insisted on being a happy camper, and it was a great time of rest.

Aquathlon Training Camp. Open sea swims and 7am 10km beach (bitch) runs. To sum up my experience in aquathlon so far, I’d simply say that I never expected myself to get so serious about it. When I began, I told myself I’d never ever compete. but haha, I’ve signed up for metasprint this year and I’m actually looking forward to the possibility of competing for sunig at the end of this year. I love physical challenges, and I guess that was what drew me to aquathlon to begin with. You see, I could run but I didn’t quite like swimming. I wanted something which pushed me beyond my current fitness levels and aquathlon did just that. 10km runs would impress many but it was merely the foundation for the aquathletes. I could run long distances, but I didn’t have the speed. The challenge of having to speed up did attract me too.

While I’m not sure how I’d be able to juggle both aquathlon and school when the semester starts in three days, I sure hope to be able to do so.

One Christmas – Dancing for it was a blast. I remember having to be there at 7am and I was just so glad that dad could give me a lift to suntec early in the morning.

To hear someone saying that the dance item reflected God’s glory, is just about the best compliment you could ever receive, and is more than I could ever ask for.

There isn’t a greater joy than serving him through that I’m passionate about.

On a side note, you know you’ve really hit the big twos when you actually act on your beautician’s advise to start on serums.


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