Dancing December

We were rehearing for two dance items through December. We finished the second one today. Co-incidentally, today is the last day of the winter holidays and school starts tomorrow.

I am fearful and I am scared, not just of academics but so much more. But this too, shall pass, and I will trust in his grace to sustain me.

Today was the first YM service of the year, and hence all the submins were involved/represented in one way or another. The background you see in the picture above was put up by 12 stones, the media ministry. Kristos put up a dance item, and we were just so thankful that we finally managed to get a carpet across the shaky stage. The ushers put out really nice cookies and decorated the board for the submins. Cross trainers did some funky games too.

Met up with my youths after a long long time, and I realize how the heart for them in me still is sustained – I’ve been questioning myself for the longest time if my heart was still with them. Also, I’ve realized I’m becoming more and more long-winded and naggy – towards both my youths and the Kristos girls. Age really is catching up I guess. hahaha.

I’m still pretty wow-ed by how the worship team comes in before 8am to prep for the 9.30 service. Was so glad my parents agreed to head for the 7.30am service so that I could get to YM on time to prepare for the dance item. Mornings and Mag really do not go hand in hand. hahaha.

So the next semester of school unfolds, and I sure hope it blossoms. Pray that I keep my eyes on what really matters.


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