The weekend that has just passed, and the first two days of week 2 were pretty heavy. Internship applications stressed me out a lot (and they still are), consti presentation lasted for two full hours and it was rather tiring having to stand up there but I was so thankful for the audience I had, and sociology class was just… I don’t know what to say.

On consti presentation. It freaked me out a little that we had to present on week 2 when we had barely learnt anything. But I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful bunch of people to work with (sham + jingyi) and while the preparation was hectic and stressful, I’m glad the presentation went smoothly. We had to do a comparison between the U.S and Singapore with regards to the executive and the legislature. It was confusing having to sort out so many different aspects and I’m just really grateful to have such capable group mates. In fact, I’m just generally really grateful for the groups I am in for this sem.

On sociology. I just can’t accept how every situation seems to be credited to social factors and circumstances. I mean c’mon, we all acknowledge that social factors play a part, but to place so much emphasis on it would seem to be making excuses for yourself.

But today was a satisfying day. Morning class followed by a satisfying time at the gym, jap food for lunch with a friend before he flies back to Ireland, and korean food with a dear friend who just returned from exchange.

Having to plan for my future stresses me out a lot. Internships… Training contracts… whether to apply for exchange or sacrifice it in order to pull my GPA up by some digit on the 2nd decimal place…

It has come to the point where I don’t really care which door opens for me – I just want it to be the right one, the one that God wants me to walk through. But I don’t even see the doors now.


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