Back to Basics

One of the simplest joys in life that I enjoy the most is having time to cook a simple meal. Headed over to a friend’s place on Friday to cook some brunch for ourselves. Honey glazed chicken wraps, baked potatoes with cheese, and cheddar sausages ended up on the dining table. We made a little too much food though; couldn’t finish them. Was a great time nevertheless.

The main reason as to why I headed over was actually to learn how to sew. This friend of mine is extremely talented at sewing and she sews her own pouches, laptop cases, and even book covers. I love fabric, and I’m crazy over one-of-a-kind products, so I really wanted to learn how to sew things that will be, truly mine

Expectations: Learn how to sew, and do up a nice iPad cover for myself.

Reality: Extremely talented friend took over the bulk of it as I can’t sew to save my life, and operating a sewing machine was more terrifying than learning how to drive a car.

Here’s the end product! I really love it. I’ve always loved vintage florals and I was more than happy when she had a bit of this cloth left over. Will definitely be back at her place again before she flies off to Australia for her studies.

Did a small prayer walk with the youths today but it partly turned into a llao llao excursion hahaha. But I’m gad the kids had a new experience, and it has been a while since I’ve had llao llao anyway(:


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