[Post extended/updated!]

I’m sure you know that feeling of anticipation… of putting cake batter into the oven and wondering how it’ll turn out

That feeling of eagerly awaiting an outcome, especially one that can only be great.

Except that this time… I’ll have to wait till the next morning

Everyone knows my absolute obsession over overnight oats. It’s a low GI food, a whole grain, full of fibre, and practically goes with anything.

And yes, I love chocolate too. [I love cheese a lot more but I don’t think it’ll ever sit with this recipe so haha]

My previous overnight oats were all made with plain yoghurt, skimmed milk, berries, nuts, and more berries. I tried peanut butter but I really didn’t like it. I tried cocoa powder once but I “overdosed” a little and kept my hands of it since then.

If you didn’t already know, cocoa powder is bitter. Not the dark – chocolate kind of bitter, but the thick, rough kind of bitter that doesn’t go down well in your throat.

So you need to dissolve it completely, and add some kind of a sweetener. I still like the bitter in the chocolate, so I chose to use a whole mashed banana. Banana’s are great for adding flavour into bland foods, or getting rid of the bitterness in cocoa powder. What I did was to use a little hot water (It probably wasn’t anything more than a table spoon) to dissolve the cocoa before adding in a little skim milk.

I was gifted with a packet of pure cocoa powder from bali during a christmas gift exchange last year. and mannnnn, it was awesome. If you think hershey’s cocoa is great, think twice.

As much as I love hershey, this bali cocoa is pretty much the winner. It retains that signature chocolately bitterness, but comes with a form of fragrance and aroma I’ve never quite experienced with the other kinds of cocoa powder. And yes, I’m pretty sure there wasn’t any sugar added inside.

The benefits of cocoa as a super food is widely known. It is packed with anti-oxidants, has a kick of caffeine (OH YEAHHH!), improves cognitive functions and blood circulation, and may even lower blood cholesterol & act as an anti-depressant!

To be honest, I was rather bummed over having to be in school at 8.15 in the morning tomorrow, and four more weeks there after, for some silly compulsory workshop. Hence I needed something I could look forward to, and making a great breakfast for myself is definitely one of them.

So yes, here you go, overnight milk soaked oats layered with banana chunks covered in cocoa and topped off with nuts (Yes, I’m nuts about nuts too).

It’s sitting in the fridge right now and I can’t wait to dig into it tomorrow morning.

But there’s another reason for this huge feeling of anticipation(:

I went fabric shopping today! Remember that iPad sleeve I talked about in the previous post? Yes, it got me really really interested in sewing. [mainly because I’ve always loved cotton fabrics and I’m a sucker for personalised things]. I did a bit of fabric shopping this afternoon as it was raining and I couldn’t swim.

It’d suffice to say that I got really tired trying to make up my mind. The above is just one out of (minimally) seven panels of fabric collections at spotlight today. They were having a sale and that honestly…. didn’t make choosing fabrics any easier for me hahaha.

But I realize that as with many things in life, once something catches your eye, everything else will simple pale in comparison – notwithstanding that you’ve a hundred other alternatives (literally, in this case haha). Next attempt would be sewing a sleeve for my macbook in February, with some help from that same talented friend of mine.

I’m thoroughly in love with the fabric I’ve got my hands on this time. Can’t wait, Can’t wait!

Happy mid-week everyone!(:


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