To Love and To Treasure

I don’t know if it’s a matter of age, or perhaps the stage of life I’m at, that I’ve come to appreciate the simpler things in life a lot more, that I’ve come to feel immensely blessed just by hanging out with an old friend for an hour in the afternoons, that I try to make the best out of every free day I have.

I sound terribly aged don’t I? I don’t know man, but having to apply and worry about internships really does give you a good dose of a reality check – how much the world values grades and how so many of your friends are going to get swift favourable responses because they’re doing well. How it sucks to be mediocre and how being average isn’t acceptable. But it also is a good reminder on how you are not supposed to value the everything this world does, how you’re in this world but not of it.

Fridays are the days on which I do not have to go for classes, so I’ve been scheduling meet ups and alone-time on Fridays simply because it is a very precious day that I need to utilise to recuperate from the daily grinds of school. It’s a day to indulge a little – in both good food and good company. The continual grinding at school has come to a certain extent where I feel as though I’m already numb to a certain threshold of stress levels – it’s kinda like an endurance sport you know? I used to think 5km was crazy, then 10km, then 15km, but now, 10km runs are actually leisure runs for me. No, I’m not boasting. Most who train intentionally with a sporting group will realize that 10km runs are actually base level runs.

 So here’s to sum up how my Fridays have been. #noschoolfridays

A good, humble croissant with great marmalade. Favourite croissant and favourite marmalade anytime, any day.

Late night drive down to one of my favourite ice cream shops with an old friend of mine. She was in Europe for the month of December so we didn’t really get to catch up over the holidays. Love spontaneous plans like these. It’s a pity the car won’t be around for much longer. I don’t know if I’ll actually miss it that much though – I never really had access to it, definitely not as much (at all) as I’d imagine the situation to be. I’d always thought that I’d have the freedom to use the car once I passed my driving exams since the car is parked at home most of the time, but that wasn’t the case. That’s another long story though, but it’d suffice to say that rather than face a person’s reluctance and unwillingness, I’d rather go through the inconvenience of public transport such that there isn’t a fetter on my freedom and my enjoyment of the time spent with friends. I do wonder when I’ll own my own set of wheels though, and I sure hope it isn’t too far down the road(:

Went to try out a waffle place by creamier today! caught up with an old friend as well. How precious these friendships are, and how lucky I am to have them(:

Oh yes, the waffles and ice cream certainly didn’t disappoint, as much as I was rather late to the party.

[The sea salt gula meleka was really good; wish they had it in a tub. Waffles were perfect, and the nama chocolate was a topping I definitely didn’t regret adding on to my order]

To end off, here’s a picture from one of my night runs. I’ve been trying to intentionally train up for an aquathlon race in February. Am contemplating another half marathon (it’ll be my third, and if i do go for it I definitely want to aim for a better timing) in march as well. I’ve learnt to train a little smarter though, such that my knees stop failing me. Instead of running thrice a week, I’ve switched to one run, one swim, and one gym session. I hope it works out, and of course, I hope that it gives me a greater allowance to munch on my favourite little treats. HEH HEH. 

I think my phone camera doesn’t exactly function very well in the dark – but the skies were amazingly clear that night; it was almost magical. For some reason, the area was brightly lit that night too, so the clouds were very much visible.

I wish for a lot of things, that I was smarter, skinnier, with straighter teeth, that I could dance better, run faster… the list never ends.

But on nights like these, I can’t help but look up in awe and be thankful for what I have, and what I don’t.

To be thankful for eyes to see, legs to run, limbs to dance, and the capacity to love and be loved.

So this concludes four weeks of school!

Exams in two weeks, internship applications ongoing, moot memorandum submissions in three days, never ending readings, and the ever rising level of sleep debt.

But, it will be alright(:

Just, have a little faith.


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