Week 6

It’s week 6 now, and my head still hurts after every finance class. I’m still rushing to finish my readings day by day, and I don’t even dare take a glimpse at the backlog I’ve accumulated.

But it is during times like these that we all the more need to give thanks.

It has been a very, very busy weekend, but one I’m glad for.

[Photo credits: Vanessa]

I participated in this year’s WongP moots. Throughout the preparation phase, I was continually asking myself why I agreed to get myself into this – almost two weekends burnt and a lot of stress.

I definitely didn’t regret it though. The judges (or rather, arbitrators) were extremely kind and sincere in providing us with feedback on our personal styles. It was definitely a good experience too.

[Photo credits: Tiff]

Attended a youth forum on national security on Saturday morning. Various topics regarding terrorism were touched upon, and presentations by the ISD were given. Gathered in the audience were various youth leaders from different religious and university organizations. Again, I was asking myself why I agreed to this. I was terribly tired after moots (and an interview before that) on Friday night, and I was rather reluctant to drag myself to ITE central (ang mo kio) at 8am in the morning.

It was an interesting time though, with a closed doors dialogue with the ministers. Candid questions were posed, and honest replies were given. I’m not completely apathetic towards politics, but I don’t really care that much about it either –  to me, it has always seemed to be a futile effort to try understanding the political landscape of Singapore. I share certain deep rooted (negative) assumptions about the government just like most Singaporeans. However, one thing I’m particular about is making sure that my dislike(s) aren’t groundless.

If there was one thing I took away that morning, it would be that these ministers are human as much as we are. They have their difficulties, and plenty of considerations. They’re paid a lot, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t[or rather aren’t allowed to] bend under the weight of these massive considerations either. I still don’t agree with a lot of things, but I guess I’ve learnt to be a little more understanding.

Dance practice and small group followed – it was a very very packed Saturday.

[Photo Credits: Sean}

Sunday morning was spent racing with the aquathlon peeps. I raced in the sprint category, which involved a 750m open water swim and a 5km run. The run…. never seemed to be ending hahaha. It was probably the longest 5km I’ve ever ran.

it was a very, very tiring morning, but a great experience. I recall myself saying sometime back that I’d never race. But I guess, it might be time to re-consider that statement. hahaha.

Not sure who took this picture below, but here’s the bulk of us!

Exams are next week and I’m far from prepared. Really worried about (almost) everything but I guess I’m a lot more equipped to cope with stress now.

Till I post again!(:


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