Happy CNY!(:

Hope the CNY that just passed was good.

My maternal family came down over CNY so it was a really great time of catching up. Nothing beats a good home cooked meal too. The first day of CNY was right after I was done with exams so I was straddling between catching up on sleep and catching up with the family.

Kicked start the CNY with a good run with a friend I hadn’t met in a long while. We both had to go home for dinner so we started running right after my paper ended, which wasn’t a very good decision as the sun was pretty punishing. We did earn some allowance for CNY though, which I think I busted within the first half an hour of CNY.

Speaking of CNY goodies, I really can’t get enough of them. Kueh Bang kit, home made pineapple tarts and almond butter cookies. whoop whooop.

Oh yes, home made bak-kwa too!

First day of CNY was served with a huge home cooked feast. Everything on the table was good. There was meat of almost every kind, fish and foul alike. I usually restrain myself a lot when it comes to food, so I did end up with quite a bad heart burn when I decided to load one whole plate full of food. But hey, there were so many dishes; taking just 1 or two pieces of each was enough to get my plate overflowing.

Second day of CNY was spent at visiting some relatives from Hong Kong. They were staying in the punggol area and I must say I really really dislike having to navigate through the seng kang/ punggol area. I was driving that day and I never had a good sense of direction to boast of. So yes, I was feeling a little happy with myself  at successfully finding my way into punggol, but it was one stressful time trying to find my way within punggol to that exact location.

Third day was spent bringing the old boy for a long walk at kent ridge. It has been a while since i’ve seen him jumping around like a fawn.

Speaking of which, I’m thinking of rearing a bunny, a netherland dwarf bunny to be exact; do let me know if you happen to know how any reliable breeders!(:

The old boy is really old, and I do want to bring a furry companion home before he leaves us (which I hope wouldn’t occur anytime soon) because I don’t think I can bear an empty house without fido around.

We had a great lunch at home with all our favourite dishes prepared before I headed out with my cousin and we had a whale of time. Hit thomson for some great coffee (one man coffee was opened during CNY!!) and my ever favourite four cheese grilled sandwich + stout chocolate ice cream.

Headed down to bukit timah to visit baker & cook before going to town for more coffee, cakes, and dinner. I’ve always been rather close to this maternal cousin of mine as we were growing up – I visited KL a lot as a kid and she always took great care of me. When she started working, she’d drive me around and bring me out for my favourite noms. She’s quite a lot older than me, so I’ve had the privilege as a kid of having this cousin who is significantly older & able such that my mum trusts her enough to allow the both of us to go gallivanting. I’m really glad I’m able to bring her around now that I can drive. It’ll be so different after she gets married though (which should be soon!). I’d be really happy for her when she does, but it’ll be a little strange not being able to sleep in the same room and go out on such trips anymore.

So that’s how my CNY went!!

I’m surprised at how tired I am from CNY actually – must really be getting old hahaha.

But jokes aside, I’ve a research paper due in a week’s time that I haven’t had time to start on due to exams. I’ve no clue at all as to how I’m going to write it so I’m getting a little stressed out.

Hoping that recess week will be a time of rest amidst all the buzz.

P.S My current dream car is a range rover evoque. That way, I wouldn’t have to face my phobia of driving into big drains (long kang) since it’s a four wheel & no one’s going to cut my lane anymore. HAHAHA.

But yes, I can only dream for now, for it is a car that’s pretty steep.


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