A Mid Week Breather

It always is the case isn’t it? That recess week always goes nice and smooth till Wednesday hits and you realize that time really is running out.

I’ve learnt over the past two academic years, to make sure that I clear as much work as possible before Thursday hits, because someone once told me (pardon the crude analogy) that time is like a toilet roll. It never seems to run out at the start; in fact, it always seems as though it was an infinite roll of paper….. until you’re nearing the end. That’s when you always run out. Hahaha.

But this thing called the research paper claws at me like a vengeful spirit. I think this would be the fifth one I’m doing since I started school two years back, but it doesn’t seem to get much easier.

So yes, it’s Thursday already, and I haven’t been able to get a draft out yet. It is stressing me out.

But I went for a swim yesterday morning, had a great lunch with an old friend at standing sushi bar, and happily headed back to work on my paper.

Never underestimate the power of some decent exercise, good food, and great company(:

On food, I love chirashi don – cuts of sashimi and egg on Japanese rice. The best I’ve had was this one at Aoki, which (a very generous) friend of mine brought me to on my birthday last year. Aoki’s rather pricey though, and as much as I think the chirashi don there is worth every single cent, we uni kids do need to be on the look out for more affordable options. hahaha.

The bara chirashi from SSB wasn’t too shabby. It was pretty decent, although not quite as magnificent as the one from Aoki (uni, roe, tuna, salmon, and literally an almost 2:1 ratio of sashimi to rice). By the way, the one at Aoki will leave you stuffed, really really stuffed.

This one at SSB gets you satisfied, without feeling overly sated, and allows you to leave with a happy belly and a light heart.

The service crew there also very kindly reminded me to show my student card for a 30% discount during lunch hours.

As if the $5 sashimi promotions on Monday nights aren’t strong enough of a pull eh? 😉

So yes, someone also once told me this: Readings are long, but life is short.

Work hard so that you’ll do justice to yourself, but always remember to stop and smell the roses, for roses will wilt and journeys will end.


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