IMG_2015-03-06 00:09:42 IMG_2015-03-06 00:09:55Happiness is getting my favourite yuang yang c beng from koufu on a hot day, with an old friend who came down to SMU to study with me.

Happiness can also be as simple as trying out a new salad shop, and ending off the night on a sweet note with cookies.

I heard someone say something nasty this week. And I’ve never felt more sure of my view of a someone as being a person who is incredibly selfish and inconsiderate. But through it all I’ve been reminded of how my response to things is independent of the actions of the other person. To respond is not to be equated with reacting.

I saw someone I wished to never ever see again. For some reason, I just kept on bumping into him in school – even more so than before. I don’t detest him. I just don’t understand how you can expect to pick a friendship up when you consciously chose to throw it away in the process of “getting over” things. I just didn’t feel like I deserved to have to deal with his immaturity. I don’t regret my decisions and I still think that he is a great guy. But things didn’t work out and I couldn’t accept the way he responded to it. He is a great guy, but is unfortunately someone I don’t wish to have to deal with ever again. Maybe I’m just not understanding enough towards him. But I’ve come to understand that I’m not obliged to be sacrificially understanding towards every single person I call a friend.

I got back my finance mid terms this week – I thought I did terribly. But I managed an average score. Not fantastic, but it does bring me a little comfort in knowing that I have a chance at this subject. Speaking of which, I must say I have been incredibly blessed with (different) friends who have always been so willing to help a clueless nut like me, with both accounting and finance. It must have been pretty exasperating, trying to explain those seemingly simple concepts to someone like me. But I’m glad to have the help from my accounting/ business friends that I’ve had the pleasure of befriending.

We talked about article 12 of the constitution in class today (or rather, yesterday), in relation to 377A (the criminalization of homosexual activities) and the death penalty.

I’ve plenty to say about both, but I do not intend to make this an academic piece.

To sum it up:

  1. I think homosexuality is inherently wrong, and that it is a “nurture” rather than “nature” issue. But I have to admit that such views of mine stem from my christian faith, of which I have no right to impose on others. And that is the only reason why I support the decriminalization of homosexual acts. It isn’t because I think that it is right – but because I understand that I don’t have the rights to enforce a value judgement on the whole of society through the implementation of laws.

    Homosexuality is a sin just like any other sin. All sins are equally wrong in the eyes of God. Fundamentalists seeking to criminalize homosexuality should be rallying for the criminalization of EVERY single sin listed in the bible then. The same disgust ought to be paid to every other sin in existence.

  2.  I don’t and can’t agree with how prosecutorial discretion can allow two people involve in the same drug trafficking act to be charged differently. One with a capital offence and one with a non-capital offence. I do not agree with how this discretion is equated with not having to give reasons for decisions based on the power of discretion, especially when it involves the life ( or rather, the death) of a person.

    Context: two persons(accomplices) were charged with drug trafficking. One person was charged with carrying a larger mass of drugs which warranted the death penalty. The other was charged with a smaller mass of drugs because he testified against his accomplice. The second person was charged with a non-capital offence.

    The practical outcome of “fairness” in this cause would be that both persons would be hung. I do not agree with the death penalty but that is for another rant. Do I wish for both of them to be hung instead of just the first person? No. But I don’t see how it is possible to judicially reason a way out of the unfairness an average human being would feel in repulse to the situation above. I believe in this little thing called the human conscience. When you instinctively feel that it is unfair, chances are that something is wrong somewhere, regardless of whether you can reason it out or not. Perhaps I’m too hot headed, and too emotional.

Or perhaps, I’m just not mature enough to understand the complexity of this society. 

If that is the case, I hope I never will. 


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