Going on to Week 11

IMG_2015-03-14 22:11:37 IMG_2015-03-14 22:11:48

Waikiki – the annual SMU beach games took place last Saturday, and I was [for reasons I can’t figure] racing in the inter school aquathlon category. Was embarrassingly slow but I achieved a new personal best which honestly made me extremely happy. I guess one thing aquathlon taught me is the importance of racing with yourself. I could never match up to those competitive athletes who put in a respectable number of hours each week to train for the sport – I couldn’t afford those hours given that I had such heavy school and non-school commitments.

But somehow, this is a sport that gives you joy even if you can’t get a podium spot. It pushes you further than you’ve ever gone, and aiming for a new personal best becomes more important than beating the rest. [or perhaps it is because I know I can never match up to competitive standards so I’m pretty happy competing with myself hahaha]

Caught up with a friend over lunch and headed home for a sorely missed home cooked dinner(:

Three more weeks to the end of this sophomore year. I don’t know what to feel about these things at times – decisions that I wouldn’t have made, friends I should have dumped, and friends I should have cherished more.

But I guess, mistakes, especially the most painful ones, help you to grow the most. And like everyone else, I have my own version of the SMU story to tell. Two more years to make this story good(:

On a side note, I’ve been tinkling with the idea of spending a good three weeks in Bali [more of the islands rather than the mainland] during summer to unwind before internships start. A little nervous, but very excited. Three weeks of diving, a little yoga, lots of reading and enjoying the peace by my own.

Time to start a summer fund hahaha 😉 Should have done so earlier, but better late than never!

I do realize how financially blessed I am though. The generosity of others allowed me to collect a fair bit from CNY, I give tuition so I do have a little bit of spare cash, and I try to save every now and then. It does add up to a substantial amount that I unreservedly spend on holidays.

The amount of information on the web also allows me to budget my trips accordingly, from the cheapest flights to the most affordable accommodation options. It isn’t sufficient to settle every concern of mine, but hey, a little bit of an adventure is always good 😉

Hoping that it all works out!(:


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