Week 12

The week before has been trying. I fell rather sick the previous week, didn’t manage to run or swim – which made me feel a lot worse, got back a mid term test which I didn’t do well for – which made me even more stressed out over my GPA, and the multitude of project submissions & presentations came flooding in.

I definitely do miss the carefree days I used to have in AC, even though those two years had  their own set of challenges.


(Picture credits for all the  AC photos here would belong to steph)

Every time I pass by AC, I can’t help but miss that little comfortable bubble I used to reside in. I sorely miss the food there too, especially that good old mee pok. I had never appreciated this humble bowl of noodles more. It was a much needed soothe for a stressed me.

I was just so glad that despite the stressful week, I had the chance to pop by AC for a quick lunch. It didn’t occur to us that it was the March holidays – but the peacefulness at AC was very much welcomed too.


I’m still very worried about grades, about projects and assignments. I don’t feel like I’m in a state to handle finals, and I feel so ill-equipped to serve in various church ministries at times, given the far-from-ideal state of my spiritual life.

I’ve also recently found out that a particular girl whom I used to call a friend was saying things that were nasty and untrue. I felt extremely compromised, because I could honestly say that my conscience was clear, and that she was the last person I could owe an apology of any sort to.

I felt so much better after talking to a sister in Christ over lunch though. It also made me realize how blessed I am to always have a circle of friends whom I can readily turn to for support. And these are people who’ve supported me both academically and non- academically. Finance this semester has been quite an agony, but I’ve had friends from the faculty of business & accountancy  who sacrificed their precious study time to help me with the subject – a process that was definitely no less agonizing for them.

On that note, I’m so relieved that we were finally done with our Finance presentation today. I’d have hated every minute spent on this project if not for the friendships that have kept me sane.

Yes, eye bags and shag faces. I hope that this is the last of 3am skype calls for now. Just did a report submission as well. One more report, and two more presentations to go for this sem!(:

This Sem came with its own set of trials. I had to learn how to be more emotionally independent, to settle my heart, to let go of toxic friendships, and to be the friend I’d like to have.

It hasn’t been easy and I’m never going to be perfect. My grades aren’t picking up and I feel constantly stressed and worried. But I pray for a stronger back to carry this load, a stronger character to remain true to myself, and greater discernment in knowing the right way to respond to various situations.


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