Halfway Through

28.03.15 – Shen’s Birthday Party

[Photo credits: Shen]

I can’t believe I’m finally halfway done with law school. We all started out with the high hopes and dreams of getting that 3.4 minimally when we graduate, but it’s painfully funny how we begin to lose hope as the semester stretches and our GPA just never shows any sign of crawling up the ladder. As the frenzy over internship applications begin, we realize the hard truth of how we are so often determined by just a number. Aren’t we more than that?

School has been gruelling at the very minimum. Church commitments [or rather, the experiences that came with it] caused me to be a little disillusioned at times.  I had my eyes opened to quite a few things. I mentioned earlier that I had to get rid of some toxic friendships. What I didn’t mention is that I had the opportunity to embrace new ones too(:

On another note, I’m glad I decided to give more of my time to aquathlon this sem. I couldn’t join them for trainings as I had night classes, but I made it a point to join them on Saturday mornings whenever I could, and to follow their training sets at my own time.

Ironically, I’d once told myself I’d never race. But then again, it is exactly like how I’d tell myself that I’d never go for a full marathon – the fulfilment of irony in this may very well be approaching soon.

So here’s to week 14, or rather, study week.

I’m honestly rather excited at finally having time to sit down and study – instead of rushing reports, presentations, and research papers.

A huge part of me doesn’t dare to wish for great grades this sem, but I guess it always is worth a try(:

Also, blessed Good Friday!


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