Back to the Grind

It has been a very long while, but I’ll post a proper update/ trip summary soon(:

I had a wonderful time in Indonesia. Of the three weeks spent there, I stayed on lombok (the gili islands) for two weeks, and headed to ubud for the remaining 5-6 days.

I dived, into both the oceans and the novels which I’ve sorely missed, I spent hours studying his word and writing, I went on long walks of half an hour or more each time, and I went for runs around the island, discovering wonderful local food and peaceful spots at which I could catch the beautiful sunset.

The irony of it all is that immediately after spending 3 weeks in indonesia, I’m spending 3 weeks at an office desk. This internship calls for another post on its own – but I must say that I am very grateful for it and I’ve gained valuable exposure.

Also, I know that I’m barely 21 but I feel like I really am ageing. Planning things on weeknights after work evolved from being enjoyable to purely tiring. Weekends, though no longer spent at the library, are spent trying to battle the urge to sleep in an bum around, in order to have a fulfilling time with friends.

Will be back soon(: And I sure miss my days on the hammock.

And ofcourse, the picture-perfect beach.


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