Things In Between


Hi folks(: It has been a while.

Internships made me dread working life a little bit more than I already did. I think it really is something to be able to head to work from 9am-6pm like a clockwork without fail for years and years of your life. And it is amazing to be someone who is able to remain faithful to even the smallest things while at work.

So many a times, I felt like handing in a sub-par piece of work, thinking to myself – ah, this should be enough. I’ve spent enough time and I don’t want to have to look at it once more.

Of course, I don’t. But that’s because there’s quite a bit of things at stake for us. Our internship evaluations, the possibility (or lack thereof) of a T.C, and the impressions we wish to leave together with the connections we’ve established. But amazing are those who keep this faithfulness even when they have little at stake.

I’m really glad I had a wonderful mentor at the first firm I interned at though. Although he was really busy, he’d make the effort to squeeze out some time to explain to me what was going on so that I could gain some good exposure while at the firm. The current firm I’m working at stresses me out at times – not because the partners are unfriendly or unreasonable, but purely because they are so capable. I’m always amazed at the speed, efficiency, practicality and complexity they handle their transactions at. It stresses me out because I know that the very best of what I can do is merely what is expected by them.

I’m glad I did find time to meet up with friends though. The irony of working life is that, even though you technically do get your weeknights and weekends completely to yourself (as compared to having to hide in the library to read/mug during school terms), you don’t quite have the energy to enjoy it completely. I used to plan meet-ups after work, but I realized it was just so unsustainable because it made me so tired – too tired for the next day. The same goes for weekends. I’ve been meeting friends over brunch on Saturday mornings. But the inertia experienced, when having to drag myself out of bed over the weekends to meet friends/ head for church service, is incredible.

The first picture above was taken at Wild Honey, a brunch spot I visited with an AC girlfriend. The thing about Wild Honey is this – it is very much overpriced, but the draw is in its reliable quality which brings about comfort. Cafe-hopping used to be the thing. It still is I guess, but as I grew older I just couldn’t find the energy in me to explore various new cafes. That’s where Wild Honey comes in – when my friends and I simply want reliably good food to catch up over.

While we’re on the topic of brunch, do visit W39 if you stay in the west!(: it is behind Clementi Stadium and it really isn’t as inaccessible as it seems! They replace the typical bacon/salmon under your poached eggs with lamb shank, when you order an eggs ben. And mannnnnnnn, it was good(: I really love lamb (and pretty much any red meat) but my friend didn’t, and she didn’t love the dish any less than I did.

Oh yes. Do try their salted caramel cake too! I personally thought that it was really good(: From the chocolate layers to the salted caramel cream to the chocolate ganache which covers the slice, everything was almost perfect(:

I’ve also managed to catch up a little with the local art scene.

A friend of mine won complimentary tickets to A Triple Bill, which is a production by House of Riot comprising of acts by Charlie Lim, iNCH, and The Great Spy Experiment – all of them are local bands. She very kindly invited me to it and it turned out to be a wonderful night. I particularly liked Charlie Lim’s music and I can fully understand why he has managed to garner for himself a strong fanbase in Australia and the UK.

We headed to Orgo after that, on a friend’s recommendation. It is a bar on the top of the Esplanade which is known for their home made cocktails. The passion fruit vanilla cocktail that I was really eager to try wasn’t available, but I settled for a lychee concoction which was really really delectable. Prices are a little steep so it probably wouldn’t make an ideal regular hang out place, but it definitely is a place I’d go back to for special nights 😉 Oh yes, the food was pretty decent too!

I also caught the Dimsum Dollies over one of the weekends.

IMG-20150612-WA0000 A kind friend of mine was working as an intern at the production company so he got is Cat 1 tickets at a huge discount 😉

I personally really loved the show. It was intricately staged, wonderfully planned, amazingly cohesive, while not losing the local flavour and a tad of boldness in engaging the audience with political and dirty jokes.

The thing was, despite these jokes, the level of class and professionalism of the whole theatrical group was not compromised. It must have been hard getting into character, and I think they did a wonderful job of it.

I’ve been able to meet up with a couple of friends over lunch hours as well, and while things have been challenging at times, I’m glad to be able to do what I do.


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